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La Bougie Kaffir Lime & Samphire Room Diffuser

La Bougie Kaffir Lime & Samphire Room Diffuser

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La Bougie Room Diffusers are special.  Each one is blended with over 20ml of pure perfume and their secret blend of oils. The natural rattan reeds will gently diffuse the fragrance for at least 3 months....and often more.  Turn the reeds every few days for an extra burst of fragrance.

"The salty vegetal notes from seagrass and marsh rosemary are lifted with the aromatic sourness of kaffir lime.  This citrus fragrance is gentle and surprising and I can't get enough of it." 

- Lucy Hagerty, Perfumer


Fragrance notes
Lime Leaves / Lavender / Samphire
100 ml