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Rosie Fox - Pewter Tree of Life Earrings

Rosie Fox - Pewter Tree of Life Earrings

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A gorgeous pair of  handmade silver plated Tree Of Life Earrings representing nature's finest design and embellished with a natural Hematite beads. 


The Tree of Life is a symbol of a fresh start on life, positive energy, good health and a bright future. As a symbol of immortality. A tree grows old, yet it bears seeds that contain its very essence and in this way, the tree becomes immortal. It is a symbol of growth and strength. 


They are hand crafted with stunning semi precious Hematite gemstones known for its wonderful healing and health benefits such as  enhancing confidence, clear away negative feelings from stress, worry and anxiety and calms and absorbs toxic emotions helping you find your inner peace and happiness. 


Approx. 4cm drop.