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Rosie Fox Pyrite Empowerment Circle Earrings

Rosie Fox Pyrite Empowerment Circle Earrings

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These Stunning 14 carat gold plated Pyrite Empowerment Circle Earrings are the perfect addition to any look.


The Empowerment Circle represents the notions of wholeness, the Self and unity. Believing that we are all supporting each other and that no one should ever feel alone.


This Empowerment Circle Collection has been specifically designed to represent the support that we must all show each other as a family, whether friends or blood relations, you are never alone.


They are hand crafted with stunning semi-precious Pyrite gemstones known for their wonderful healing and health benefits such as the ability to promote success, transform thoughts into intelligent action and aid open and honest communication.


Empowerment circle measures 1.5cm, earring approx. 3cm drop.