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Étaín Ireland | Sorgam and Labhandar (Black Amber & Lavender) | Wax Melt
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Étaín Ireland | Sorgam and Labhandar (Black Amber & Lavender) | Wax Melt

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Sorgam & Labhandar/Black Amber and Lavender Irish Scented wax melt 

Étaín, (pronounced Ay-deen) is a  Celtic sun goddess called the Shining One.  A beautiful inspiration for our candles.
If your journey becomes difficult, call on Étaín, she will guide you back to your own shining light. Call on her when the change you confront seems too much to bear, she will create a sunny sanctuary for you.

Call on Étaín when you forget your true beauty, she will surround you with her golden light and carry you home to your true self again.
Étaín, with her wisdom, beauty and power, steers us through transformation to balance and wholeness.

We hope the beauty of Étaín will shine brightly through our candles to help bring you back to your wisdom, beauty and true self.

Our Irish candles are handcrafted within the shadows of the majestic Sperrin mountains in County Derry with the famous Lough Neagh waters lapping rhythmically near by. 

This area is steeped in Gaelic culture whether it’s music, dancing, games or the language, the traditions have been past down from generation to generation. There has been a renaissance of Gaelic culture across County Derry and it is our pleasure to present our candle collection as Gaelige.