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Scatter Box Art | Donnach I | 92x122x4cm
Scatter Box Art | Donnach I | 92x122x4cm
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Scatter Box Art | Donnach I | 92x122x4cm

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The beauty of a horizon at winter dusk is brought into the home with Donnach I art. Originating from the gaelic word, Donnach means Brown Warrior. The rich brown and copper tones gives the charred piece warmth, fitting for any living space. Intentional layers of hand-painted textures and fragmented rocks adds to the dimension and captivates to the eye from every angle. Donnach I, is a printed and hand-painted design, by artist Ksenia Sizaya.

This piece has been carefully selected by our Scatter Box design team, not only for its originality but its stunning design and use of colour. It is designed to coordinate beautifully with the rest of our collection.

© Artist – Ksenia Sizaya

Ksenia Sizaya graduated from the St. Petersburg State University of Technology and Design, where she completed her master’s degree and was awarded a High Qualification in Graphic Arts. Her creative process involves experimenting with various mediums in search of new techniques, textures, and styles. She derives inspiration from the natural world of forests and mountains as well as the urban environment.

Product Dimensions: 92x122x4cm

Material: Canvas


  • Printed and Hand-painted.
  • Contemporary floating dark frame.
  • Two way hanging- vertically or horizontally.
  • Original print.